Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Considerable Extension

Five months later, we've seen/felt/learned a lot since we left home to come to Montreal. We know what it means to leave family and friends--and familiarity. We've experienced the freedom and the loneliness that comes with such a decision. We know it, and we've decided we want some more! In other words, YWAM Montreal has invited us to join as staff for the next two years, and after months of thinking, talking, and praying, we've decided to accept. To head home for good, back to the O.C. in June, was too premature for us. Our time out here has been so full of discovery that we simply could not end this chapter come June. We will come home for the Summer (which we're very happy about) in order to reconnect with family, make some money, and continue asking for support. With YWAM, even as staff, we're responsible for raising all our own support. Then, the plan is to return in September to begin our two-year commitment. Basically, that commitment will entail helping run the Urban Cultures DTS (the school I'm doing now) as well as continuing to be involved in the city in various ways: through volunteering, internships, education, church, etc. We're nervously excited, or excitedly nervous, but, nonetheless, convinced that God has more to say to us out here, and we'd like to stick around a bit longer to hear about it.