Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update #1

So, as evidenced by our lack of blogging, things have gotten a little crazy in our lives lately. Since our last blog, sometime in late April, we've flown to California, flown to Hawaii for Jimmy's graduation, flown back to California, and and then back to Montreal. We came back to Montreal for the last week of the school we run. We just had the graduation for that school last night. On Monday and Tuesday we'll be reviewing the entire school year as staff and then, on Wednesday, we leave for Omaha, Nebraska to get settled in before my MA classes begin. We'll be there for two months and then return to Montreal to run the school one more year. Of course, I'm missing a few important details there but Lauren will fill you in on Update #2 coming your way soon. I counted today, and, not to brag or anything, but by the time Dennis turns two he'll have been on 19 different airplanes. Is that normal? He's quite the travelin' man. So, thanks for checking in even after our long absence. We'll be bringing more updates ASAP.