Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Omaha, School, and a Heartbeat...

Hello All,
So, we've been in Omaha for nearly a month now, and feel like we've adapted quite well. I'm very busy with school stuff (right now I'm taking classes in Spirituality and Social Concerns and History of Christian Spirituality), and we don't have internet at the apartment. As you can imagine, blogging has not been easy. Nonetheless, we are having some really great experiences out here and can't wait to share them with you, through blogging, in person, or however. Thanks for checking in.
The Fam!
P.S. Heard a heartbeat the other day in Lauren's belly! #2 is on his/her way! December 13th guess date. That's a good guess, being my dad's birthday!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New video!

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Another coming soon...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big News, Busy Days

I can't believe all that has come and gone, and that I sit and write this update in our apartment in Omaha, Nebraska. Somehow, we've pulled it off...all the traveling, details, planning, applying, searching, packing, celebrating, visiting... and we're here 9 days before Denny will be starting his Master's degree in Christian Spirituality at Creighton. Wow. We were SO fulfilled and blessed by our trip home to California (and "home" to Hawaii!) and although it wasn't nearly enough time with our loved ones, we soaked it up as much as we could.
I was able to see my new nephew Nathan (my sister's adorable 4-month old) and his oh-so-big sister Lily-- nothing beats seeing Dennis and Lily play together, hug each other, kiss each other, and of course fight a little with each other. =) My parents (Ganya and Paka to Dennis; he chose the names, don't ask...)were able to come pick us up at the airport and stay with us for a week, including going to see Kate and Steve (sister and brother-in-law). I craved more time with my sis and my parents, but it was still so much fun. We had many a good days and evenings with the Manthorne clan and, again, it's priceless to watch Dennis with his cousins. He absolutely LOVES Kaili and Kaci and is hilarious with little Kelsi, who is only one week younger. They acted a bit like an old married couple. In fact, according to Dennis all three are just named 'Kaci'. It's easier that way, right? We even fit in seeing close friends like Karen and Tim (my best friend since high school)--expecting a baby in October, hooray!!-- , Josh and Lindsay, Kimmy Curt, and many great people at Seaside Community Church. All of this goes without mentioning our incredible hostess Ganya Lolo. =) We spent the whole 3 weeks with Lois, including a flight to and week in Hawaii!

Okay, back up. Before I overwhelm you and go into all the gushy details of Hawaii: the enormous house that slept about 20 of us, awesome friends Robbie and Chantelle, Lyn and Yvette, Barry and Linda, Uncle Jim and Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Jimmy the Graduate, the ocean out our living room window...just to name a few... I seemed to have forgotten the 'Big News' I spoke of in the blog title.. somewhere mixed up in these events, on Mother's Day fittingly enough, we announced to our families that there's another little one on the way! Let me make this easy for those of you who skim through these much-too-long blogs: LAUREN IS PREGNANT!! =) I'm almost 13 weeks prego as I sit here writing this blog, and needless to say it's been an interesting ride doing all this traveling and being in the first trimester . We're so excited, knew it was going to happen yet still can't believe it, and we were so OVERJOYED to find out and be able to share the news with our families and friends while we were home. I wish I could have told my sister and parents in person, but we were able to make a great announcement at a Mother's Day brunch with Todd & Kristi and the girls, GG (Grandma Mary Bell), and Lois, and then again with our loved ones during a toast in our first night in Hawaii.
So, for the details: December 14 is looking like the due date (the day after Dennis Michael I's birthday!) and the baby will be born in Montreal. We're going to have a little Canadian! We couldn't be more thrilled, but recognize we have a lot on our plate. (All you parents are nodding your heads right now, aren't you?) Denny will be fully involved in running the YWAM school next year, while I'll be more focused on completing my doula training and volunteering with Montreal Birth Companions until mid-November, after which I think I'll have my hands full!

We're so happy to share the news with everyone and will be writing faithfully this summer about the particulars of Denny's education, our ministries in Montreal, pregnancy, and of course the adventures of life with our little (almost) 2- year- old!