Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Wrap-Up

Whoa, it's been a while! And a lot has happened in between! We've finally settled in for the school year, back in our beautiful city, Montreal. We had quite a summer. Counting layovers, I think Dennis took 10 flights and a few road trips to boot in the past 4 months. That ups his total to somewhere around 30 flights, most of them within the first two years of his life. So, we did it. We survived an extra-crazy summer and are glad to be homebodies again in our lively, colorful, vibrant city.
We got back to Montreal on August 8th and then welcomed Jimmy and my Mom a few days after that. For an entire week, we were able to share our Montreal lives with them and catch up on all those things you never get to on the phone/email/skype. One of my highlights was taking my little bro on a tour of some of the best pubs and beers Quebec has to offer. He kept asking, "Where's the Bud Light Lime?" as he grimaced down another swig of some frothy stout. I was proud to introduce him to beer as it was meant to be.
(Awkward transition forthcoming...)Lauren is coming along nicely with our next little bugger. She is now closing in on 6 months. We met with our midwife a few weeks ago, and Lauren will most likely choose to have the baby at home. The birthing center will come to us and it's all free! Oh, Canada!
So, now, as we settle in, Lauren will be busy completing her apprenticeship as a doula and I will be preparing for our next UCDTS (we're expecting 11 students! double the number of the last two years!). We're both excited and enthusiastic about what all of this will entail.
Lastly, if you would like to compete with our friends from the Orient (who are so dedicated in leaving such edifying comments on our blog posts; check the whopping 14 comments on the previous post), please say hello and tell us you love us. We can't read Chinese anyhow.