Friday, December 12, 2008

La Neige!

Winter is here! It's official, no doubt about it: there is an abundance of snow on the ground and more beautiful flakes falling from the sky. Holy macaroni, I never knew it was possible for such a large city to exist in such a climate. I am blown away; $200 million dollars a year is spent on snow removal! I could try to be Optimistic Olive (that one's for you, Jim!), but I'll be honest and say that it is just not for me, LONG TERM (are you relieved, parents?!)... I can handle it and even marvel at its beauty for now, but at this point, Hawaii, Cali, Costa Rica: all sounding pretty nice for next year. I am excited to put up some pictures as it really is incredibly beautiful. It's as if Montreal turned from a huge city to a quaint village overnight; the streets are half as wide and sidewalks barely exist, and everyone seems to walk around much slower. Neighbors are helping neighbors shovel snow to get their cars out, and the rumble of semis and afternoon traffic is muffled by the layer of snow on the ground. My favorite part is the trees- they're completely frozen over and the branches are icicles, with a layer of snow so perfectly covering each branch it seems as if someone personally applied it. What I'm saying is, I feel like I am living in a snow globe: I'm one of those little people walking around the cute little town covered in snow! However, it comes with its challenges. The first day it started coming down, I tried to go out with Dennis in my sweet ErgoBaby Carrier (thanks Ryan and RoseLynn!), only to find he had snow covering his face within the minute. Hmmm... I returned to the apartment to try the stroller. My neighbors must having been laughing at such a rookie, as I couldn't get past our walkway to the sidewalk. Funny now, but frustrating at the time: just when I was becoming a confident, city-going momma, life threw another challenge at me. I'm beginning to see, however, that all my fears and obstacles become exciting challenges and little mole hills when given some good old-fashioned time and confrontation. I can't just stay inside, but I need to be determined to find a way and to just do it despite my fear. I also need to give myself some space and time to be a little more stressed, a little less active, and to come to a place where I actually want to face the challenge. So, as far as the snow goes, I'm developing my own little strategy: ErgoBaby and umbrella when it's actually snowing, because the snow is soft (not slippery) and impossible for my stroller, and then stroller once the snow stops and is iced over. Ooh la la, a winter wonderland, indeed.


The Wilder's said...

hey you guys,

well talk about making a gal homesick...Lauren the way you described the snow was beautiful.
I am sooo excited for both our your volunteering ideas. Lauren that sounds intense and like something you would be very good at.
Denny...prayer..hmm! Something I have been thinking a lot about lately since this is how my parents primarily practice their faith. I recently did a final presentation on Gandhi and in the movie (which is amazing if you haven't already seen it) he has a great quote "Prayer is not an old woman's idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action. --Mahatma Gandhi. Just thought you might like that!
Anyways...Robbie is still asleep but I can't wait to get him up and show him your new pics and blogs yeahhh! we miss you oodles.

jeanette kay musser gruenhagen said...

yup. snow. nice narrative on it lauren! shawn and i just got back from a weekend in winter park where it was in the single digits and a foot of new snow..sooo i wore shawns xl hooded down..ergo-ed the dude inside the jacket and whaaaalah! haakon and i hung out at tha rail jam for 4 hours..its fun to hide a baby in your jacket! denny doesn't wear an xl though, huh?!!
love you, jeanette