Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, I've been sabotaged by the faulty library internet again! That's the second time that I've just polished off a new blog when the connection cut out and all was lost! That's part of the reason why Lauren and I have decided to give in and get internet at our place. We held out for about five months, partly because it would be one extra expense, but mainly because we wanted to try and live internet free (at least in our home). However, it really took a toll on communication (out here in Montreal and with people back home), and it was not at all convenient to go out to a cafe to use the internet (Why? 1. You have to buy something each time 2. The internet isn't always working at these places 3. Sometimes there's not an outlet free, and when you have a laptop battery from way back when that is a must 4. You have to go out in the cold winter weather each time just to get online!) So, we've been enjoying increased communication and connection ever since. Here's to online community!

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Chanon said...

Aloha from Hawaii Denny & Lauren Flanagan, this is Chanon Alcon, Lauren's former assistant tennis coach at UH!!! How is everything, I'm glad to see that everything is going well for the Flan Clan. I ran into Lauren's friend Chantel, the track runner for UH and she directed me to this website. My email is Please let me know how everything is going! Chanon