Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Drama

I know there is sooo much talk about the election out there right now...Facebook is hilarious-- it annoys me, but then I think, Why not use social media for entering into dialogue and expressing our opinions? Should it only be used to let everyone know where we're eating and to post pictures of our friends and kids? I know this has been said by a million people, but is it reeeally that hard to understand where someone of a different opinion or political party is coming from? I mean , listen to someone's story or life situation and it all makes perfect sense. This is the first election that I feel like I actually get what Republicans are going for, where the Libertarian party looks a bit more appealing, and where I actually considered voting for Jill Stein of the Green Party (still regret that I didn't give her my vote, to be honest). Obviously, I'm disclosing that Obama got my vote. I don't feel a need to hide it or defend it this time around, nor do I feel 100% sure that I KNOW the right way of running a country. I think our fear of 'the other' is so apparent during election time. If we fear 'the other' of the same race and nationality, how much more do we fear 'others' from other countries, races, and who belong to political systems of which we could never relate? I think we're a long, long way from being able to engage in real dialogue (respectful dialogue) with others. As great as it is to be able to use social media to start that dialogue, we're still scared to actually talk about it face to face. We rant on Facebook and then don't bring it up at the dinner party because that isn't P.C. yet. Interesting. As my son likes to say, 'Peace and love. Grace be with you.' (He really says that. Like, every time someone leaves. Hilarious.)

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Molly said...

Good perspective; thanks for the enlightenment. I too easily get caught up in the drama, so this totally helped me, lol. xo