Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, Seaside!

To coincide with our new youtube video showing at our home church, Seaside, this sunday, we decided to write a short, honest blog about some of our present financial challenges in order to create more awareness and gain more support.
Let me begin by saying that our experience out here in Montreal has been one of great freedom where we are continually learning so much about God, ourselves, our family, and society in general. This freedom to live in a new place, experience a new culture, and yet meet the same God doing amazing things, has been unforgettable.
However, with all of our freedom, there is plenty of risk, which mostly has to do with finances. Although this too has been an amazing area to see God's provision as he answers our needs, we are often discouraged by the immense financial challenges facing us month to month. Basic expenses like rent, food, utilities and transportation are really what it comes down to.
Being our third year in Montreal and the last year of our commitment as staff with YWAM, we are presently discerning whether this financial reality is reasonable for us as a growing family. We take joy in the freedom but are often quite burdened by the financial realities. Nonetheless, we do have a considerable amount of time before our commitment ends and thus need the resources to see it all the way through.
Please consider supporting us through this next school year (from October to June) as we continue learning and seeking God's will for our future.

If you prefer to receive a tax deductible receipt for your donation, send a check to Seaside Community Church (21521 Surveyor Circle Huntington Beach, CA 92646) made out to Seaside with our names in the memo. We have also set up an account online ( where, using our email address(, you can follow the simple steps on the website in order to set up a paypal account and transfer money to our paypal account immediately (takes about 5 minutes).

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