Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Week to Remember

Well, our friends Josh and Lindsay just left this morning on a bus bound for Burlington, Vermont and then on to two flights that will take them back to California. They stayed with us for an entire week (Saturday to Saturday) and I'm pretty confident when I say that it was a special experience for all involved.
Over a year ago, when we had decided to come back to Montreal for two more years, Josh and Lindsay swore to us that they would somehow make it out here to visit within that two-year time frame. They said that they knew it would happen if they promised us. They stayed true to their word and made it happen; and we sure are happy they did.
Our great week was capped last night (Friday, the 10th) by a truly Montrealesque-type evening. We started with dinner at O. Noir (French for "in the dark") where we enjoyed a one-of-a-kind dining experience. O. Noir is a restaurant that started in order to create jobs for the blind where you basically eat in the dark. When I say dark, I mean pitch-black, can't-see- absolutely-anything kind of dark. Click on the link above link to learn more about how it works. We recommended this place to Josh and Lindsay as a great date experience for them, but when they found out that we had never been, they insisted on a double date, their treat. Lauren and I couldn't resist! We thoroughly enjoyed our sight-deprived yet taste-enhanced, delicious meals. We then re-entered the visible world and proceeded to "wash down" our meals at Dieu du Ciel and Fairmont Bagel (two signature Montreal locations!). Needless to say, it was an evening to remember; a great finish to a really enjoyable week. In fact, the generosity shown by Josh and Lindsay last night was indicative of the entire week. In more ways than one, Lauren and I felt so blessed and gifted to have them as our guests. I've coined a new word to describe this experience: guestpitality. If a good host is hospitable, Lindsay and Josh are very guestpitable. They made dinner for us several times, got out and enjoyed the city on their own (we loved hearing them practice their French!), took care of Dennis, and shared great conversations with us throughout the week. Their genuine interest in our work out here (and generous support of it!) have left us with a profound gratitude for our friendship with them.
Thanks, Josh and Lindsay, for a beautiful week. We were blessed by your coming!

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