Saturday, October 27, 2012

Re-visiting an Old Friend

The last three hours I successfully escaped the nearly insurmountable urge to write a blog... I was left home alone to clean (a house that desperately needed cleaning, mind you) and of course all I could think about was a blog that I haven't written in for a year. Silly me. I really do have a desire to start up a blog. I'm sure it won't be perfectly regular (don't do too well with pressure over here); I'm sure it will have a different face and voice than our blogging while in Montreal, and I'm sure it may appear slightly controversial. HA! Threw you with that one, didn't I? I'm coming to discover that I'm slightly controversial by nature... I revel in controversy...and I do need a place to voice my, um, voice. So there. Not committing (I really can freeze in the face of commitment)to anything outlandish, but I will be here time to time, so follow if you're interested. I know I may be flying solo here, writing to no one, but I'm perfectly okay with that, and maybe would even prefer it. =) (Don't take it personally...) See you soon.

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