Sunday, October 28, 2012

SImplicity in its Simplest State

Ahhh, I love simplicity. Just the word gives me warm fuzzies. Is that how you spell 'fuzzies'? Don't think I've ever spelled that one out before. Oh yes, simplicity. I will write could write (shying away from commitment, remember?) many posts on simplicity. Any act of intentional simplicity makes me feel more connected: to my (true) self, the human race, nature, spirituality, everything. It's one of those things that you just know is right, no questioning. Making a gift out of my son's blocks (sssshhhh, he wasn't incredibly pleased with this idea), bringing cupcakes instead of buying them (still can't see the draw in a beautiful cupcake that tastes like...?), baking bread, sitting in the park and doing nothing, hand-making birthday gifts...does it not all just feel so GOOD? Just had to throw my contentment out into the universe. Amen.

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