Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, sorry about the random throwback videos that I just discovered were posted on the blog. I have no idea how that happened. Anyway, disregard. I'm in the process of uploading some freshies: a little four-part documentary I did on going out in Montreal with your one-year-old when the temperature freezes facial hair, etc.
Anyway, we're back from Quebec City. We enjoyed another great week in that unique city, but are definitely glad to be back in Montreal, back to chez nous as we say in French.
So, Lauren will write a blog sometime soon (someday...) about the recent program she applied for and is planning on beginning this summer. As I explained in the last blog, we have a pretty open summer to pursue some pretty exciting things before the school we run starts up again in October. As for me, the verdict is still out. A lot of what I could or want to do depends on our funding, which basically goes from month to month, sometimes week to week to be more exact. It's hard to make big plans or any plans for the summer when the rent check might be all we can muster. The financial trials of our last five months out here have been a great learning experience for us. As a missionary, it's a reality to live month to month without any idea of where or when next month's rent will come in, let alone food money. It's difficult, sometimes, to know when to just say hey, the money ain't there and give up, or to persevere, believing that we're out here for a reason. Several times now we've come to a place where the clock is ticking and time is quickly running out and I ask "Why are we doing this to ourselves?" And, then, the money comes in. I know, it may sound like corny missionary lingo, but, seriously, the money often comes in right when we start asking those questions. Just tonight, before I left to come write this blog, we got news that a support check had come in for us, and it was just a few hours earlier we were having that stressful money talk again. Amazing.